Breach is an independent, online journal of arts writing formerly based in Vancouver, British Columbia, on occupied and unceded Coast Salish Territory. A platform for the examination of contemporary art practice as it pertains to current social issues, Breach sought to interrogate the intersections between the political and the cultural in a self-reflexive manner, and to encourage critical stances that break from mainstream views and opinions. Breach published three issues in 2015 — collections of texts that include art criticism, exhibition reviews, essays and interviews, and which focus on artistic production taking place within so-called Canada.

Currently, Breach is on indefinite hiatus. At some indeterminate point in the future, the project will be revived, at which time it will experiment with other publishing schedules and models. Meanwhile, any and all inquiries can be directed to info@breachmagazine.ca.

Many thanks to those who have read, contributed, and otherwise shown an interest in this project. In particular, Pedro Bazán, Amber Berson, Raymond Boisjoly, Chris Bose, Caitlin Chaisson, Michael DiRisio, Shannon Garden-Smith, Lara Fullenwieder, Terrance Houle, Hannah Jickling, Justin A. Langlois, Jakub Markiewicz, Magdalena Miłosz, Lexie Owen, Matt Peterson, Johanna Plant-Donnelly, Malek Rasamny, Helen Reed, Gabriel Saloman, Stephanie Springgay, Adrian Stimson, Jaret Vadera, Ellyn Walker, and Amy Wong.